Work Related Injuries & Illness

What to do if you are injured at work:

  1.  Immediately report to your Supervisor that you have injured yourself while working. If your injury is an emergency, you or your Supervisor should call 911 for immediate treatment.

  2.  If it is not an emergency, you (or your supervisor with you present) should call Company Nurse at 1-888-375-9779 and give the Code “CSIG” to the Company Nurse representative that answers the phone, BEFORE you leave the premises. A Company Nurse Registered Nurse will gather information on your injury through the medical triage process and make care recommendations of either first aid advice or they will provide you with a medical referral.

    • First Aid Advice Only – The Nurse will provide advice, which you are to follow. You may return full time to your regular position. If medical situation worsens or does not improve, you must call Company Nurse again for appropriate medical referral prior to seeking treatment, unless it is an emergency.

    • Medical Referral – If the Nurse determines medical treatment is needed, they will offer a Telemedicine visit (if appropriate) or refer you to OUESD’s designated Medical Facility. You then seek medical treatment as directed (unless you have pre-designated your personal physician prior to the injury).

  3. If the Company Nurse provides you with a medical referral to seek medical treatment, you must return a copy of the Work Status Slip provided to you by the Medical Facility to District Claims Coordinator.

Links to Important Documents

Questions regarding the Workers’ Compensation Process

Heather Partida is the District Claims Coordinator for OUESD and she is located at our District Office.  Her email address is or you can reach her by phone at 625-6868 or extension 4016 if calling from within the District. 

Contra Costa County Schools Insurance Group (CCCSIG)

The Contra Costa County Schools Insurance Group (CCCSIG) is our district's Workers' Compensation and Health, Safety & Wellness Services provider.

The CCCSIG website provides clear, concise and easy to access information for employees who incur a work related injury or illness.