Parent Education Videos

Law Enforcement And The Community With Special Needs
Law Enforcement from both Concord PD and Oakley PD providing information on how the police departments interact with families and students with special needs!  Watch Video

Teaching Resilience
This presentation reviews trauma-informed strategies for parents to use who have children who’ve experienced trauma or stressful situations.
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This presentation reviews strategies for de-escalating situations, setting appropriate limits, and debriefing after incidents of concern.
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Effective Directing
Strategies to use with children of all ages that will encourage someone to be more compliant and follow directions.
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Fact: Self Care Leads To Family Care 
This presentation provides adults with information and suggestions for implementing self-care, so that our children can also learn to engage in self-care. Watch Video

Escalation Cycles:
Using 5-Point Scales and Visuals to Learn Coping Strategies.
An overview of an escalation cycle and tools that can support people in learning coping skills, calming strategies, and how to debrief after an incident. Watch Video

Supporting Caregivers With Differentiated Async Packets
Information for caregivers on how to use Asynchronous Learning Packets to support diverse learning needs.
(The packets referenced in this training are available on our SEL Google Website!) Watch Video

Fape, Lre, And Ouesd Service-specific Supports
This presentation focuses on defining Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) and Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) as it relates to special education and our service-specific programs and supports. An overview of the STUDENT-NEEDS RUBRIC tool is
also discussed.  Intended Audience: Families with children with disabilities. Watch Video