Self Care for Staff & Parents

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Teacher Self Care: What will you do for yourself today?
Practicing regular teacher self care keeps us from burning out – and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

50 Affirmations to help you make a Positive Change
Affirmations are a powerful way to help change our lives for the better. One way to use them is to help reverse negative beliefs we have about ourselves.

Regulating Emotions in a COVID-19 World 
My university suspended clasess yesterday, so I shared this with students adjusting to social distancing and self-quarantine…

That Discomfort You're Feeling is Grief
The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a collective loss of normalcy.

How to Keep Kids Learning When They're Stuck at Home
Tips and resources for setting up a daily homeschool schedule.

Teaching Through a Pandemic:
A mindset for this Moment - Hundreds of teachers weigh in on the mental approach you need to stay grounded in this difficult time.

Parenting During Coronavirus: You Are Enough
The best thing we can do right now is to remind ourselves that, for our kids, we are enough.

‘Let Yourself Off the Hook’: 
Advice for Teachers and Parents During COVID-19

Teen struggles with social distancing
8 ways to help teens cope with the social distancing blues

Free guide to living with worry and anxiety
this guide is available in over 30 languages as a downloadable PDF.

Free guide to living with worry and anxiety
this guide is available in over 30 languages as a downloadable PDF.

Single Parenting During the Coronavirus Crisis
We see you and recognize your specific challenges! Cut yourself some slack. You are amazing! You are enough!

Self Care Apps

HeadSpace - Guided Meditation
Personal guide to meditation and mindfulness fits right in your pocket.

Let's Meditate Guided Meditate
A very straightforward approach to guided meditation. Just choose a track and hit play.

Happy Color™ – Paint by Number
A color by number game for adults. There are so many breathtaking and inspiring pictures to color!

365 Gratitude Journal
A science-based self-care toolkit that will motivate you to build habits of positivity and focus on the good.

I AM Positive Affirmations
Daily Self Care Reminders -Empower yourself by verbally affirming your dreams and ambitions.

Fooducate empowers you to achieve your diet, health, and fitness goals.