Home Hospital Instruction

What To Do If Your Child Needs Home Hospital Instruction

Home and Hospital Instruction is provided for students who have a TEMPORARY disability, which makes school attendance impossible or inadvisable. Please be advised that the Home and Hospital Instruction Program provides for on-going academic instruction for students unable to attend the regular school day due to TEMPORARY illness, surgery, or chronic medical disorders.  The program may not be able to support students who are taking certain electives, such as world language, lab science, physical education, auto shop, or any other subjects requiring hands-on instruction.

In accordance with Ed. Code 48206.3 and 3051.4, you must provide the school district with a medical letter or report from the attending physician, and/or surgeon, or the report of the psychologist, as appropriate, stating the diagnosed condition, and certifying that the severity of the condition prevents the student from attending school.  The following forms are available in your school site office and are required for admittance into the Home and Hospital Instruction Program:

  • Home and Hospital Instruction PARENT/GUARDIAN AGREEMENT Form (Form 1)

  • REQUEST FOR HOME AND HOSPITAL Instruction (Form 2)

  • PHYSICIAN'S STATEMENT Requesting Home and Hospital Instruction (Form 3)

  • Authorization for RELEASE/EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION (Form 4)


  • If your child has an IEP or 504, a change of placement meeting must be held and Home and Hospital Instruction approved for the new instructional setting.  A copy of the new IEP and meeting notes must accompany your application.

The Physician's Statement shall include, a projected calendar date of when the student may begin services and his/her expected date for return to school.  

Once you have obtained the Physician's Statement from your child’s doctor and completed the application process, bring the packet to your child’s school office.  The school office will notify Student Services of your child’s needs.

Your application, once approved, is only valid for the current school year, for the length requested by the physician (minimum of three weeks and maximum of eight weeks). 

A credentialed teacher will be assigned as a Home Hospital Instruction Tutor.  The Tutor will contact you to arrange for the first visit after the office receives these completed forms from your student's school site.  Please arrange your time accordingly so that you will be able to make contact with the Tutor and be present when he or she works with your student.  A clear and quiet work place for the Home and Hospital Instruction Tutor and your student is requested.

Please understand the Tutor functions as a liaison between the school site teachers and student, gathers the assignments, reviews and completes the coursework with the student.  Your student is entitled to one hour of Home Hospital Instruction per day of regular attendance, five hours per week.  The expectation is that students will work independently in addition to the five hours, based upon their tolerance level.

Our hope is to make your student’s Home and Hospital Instruction positive and successful.  Please contact your school site administration should you need further assistance during this difficult time.

Parent/guardian & Student Agreement:

  1. The student must be ready for instruction at the specified time, with materials, books, and his/her physical needs met;

  2. The parent/guardian must be present (if instruction occurs in the home) or readily available (if instruction occurs in designated area) during the instructional period;

  3. A quiet place must be provided, with a suitable working space, where the Home and Hospital Instructional teacher and student can work without interruption.

  4. It is important that your student completes the assignments that are required.  If you have questions or concerns about your child's instruction, please address them to the Home and Hospital Instruction Tutor.  If you have further question, please address them to your child's classroom teacher.

  5. Notify the Home and Hospital Instruction Tutor at least 24 hours in advance if your student is unable to receive instruction on the scheduled day.

  6. During enrollment in the Home and Hospital Instruction Program, students are not allowed on campus during the school day, thirty minutes before or after a school day, and/or during school sponsored activities.

  7. Home and Hospital Instruction is for a minimum of three (3) weeks and a maximum of eight (8) weeks.  If extended time is needed due to temporary illness, parent must submit a new physician's statement to student's school site requesting additional home and hospital instruction.