Gifted and Talented

Beginning in third grade, students may qualify for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE).  All second grade students take the Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test, which is used as a screen for identification of GATE students.  Most students identified for GATE would score in the top 2% on nationally normed achievement tests or demonstrate special talents. 

Since gifted students are gifted all day long, one of our goals in the district is for teachers to differentiate instruction for all students throughout the day in all of the appropriate content areas.  Through differentiated instruction, GATE students have opportunities to work at a level which meets their needs as advanced learners. 

For students in grades K-5, one-half hour per day is used for universal access, a time during which students are grouped for instruction.  GATE students have an opportunity at that time to work with other GATE students and high achieving students.  For GATE students in 6-8 grades, after school enrichment classes are offered.