Library Mission Statement

The purpose of the Almond Grove School Library is to ensure that all Almond Grove students become effective and responsible users and creators of ideas and information so that they may become independent, lifelong learners, and to foster in all students a love of reading and literature.

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Caring For Our Library Books

  • Keep your borrowed books AWAY from water!  Place your water bottles in a separate pocket from your books in your backpack.  We can't put Library Books in the dryer!

  • Keep books away from food and beverages.  Don't feed your Library Books!

  • Keep books away from younger brothers or sisters who might scribble or tear the pages. Library books do not make good baby toys!

  • Keep books away from pets. Library Books are not good pet food!

  • Turn the pages of a book carefully from the outside top or bottom of the page.  Library Books do not like to be torn!

  • Make sure your hands are clean when reading a book.  Library Books can not be put in the washing machine!

  • Protect the spine of the book by always using a bookmark.  We don't want to break the Library Book's spine!

  • Use a bookmark to mark your place in the book.  Folding down a corner of the pages gives the book Dog Ears, it's not a dog!

Choose ONE particular place to keep your library books and return them when they are due.  Return them to check out a New Library Book!

  • READ IT!  Read the book to someone or have them read to you!  Take turns!

  • If your book has an accident, please tell your librarian, he or she will do their best to fix it.  Have integrity!

  • Thank you for taking care of borrowed books and even your classroom textbooks so that someone else may use them!

The Key to Picking the Right Book

When you're reading, it is important to pick a book that is a good "fit."

It is important during independent reading that you're not reading a book that is too hard for you, or you will become frustrated. It is also important that you read a book that works your brain to make you a better reader. Here's how you can PICK a good fit book:

P = Purpose - Why do I want to read? To learn something? To get writing ideas? To do a book project? To have fun? To learn about the story (plot, characters, setting, theme, etc.)? Remember, for Reading Workshop you will be reading mostly to learn about the story (plot, characters, setting, theme, etc.), so you will need a really good chapter book.  (Fun books with a lot of drawings and pictures are great for vacation and to read to relax and take a break).
I = Interest - Does it interest me?

C = Comprehend - "Do I understand it?" Try the Wrap=It-Up Rule:  Can you retell what happened on the first page?

K = Know - "Do I know most of the words?"  Use the 5 Finger Rule:  Open the book to a random page and start reading. Put up one finger for each unknown word. If you get to 5, the book is too hard right now.