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District Office Staff

District Office Directory
Contact Michael Allum  Michael Allum (925) 625-7055 Student Services Program Specialist
Contact Juan Carlos Alvarado  Juan Carlos Alvarado (925) 625-6873 Coordinator, Interventions and English Learner Program
Contact Charlie Aubert  Charlie Aubert (925) 625-7065 Director of Facilities and Construction
Contact Maria Bordanaro  Maria Bordanaro (925) 625-7235 Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources and Student Services
Contact Jennifer Bright  Jennifer Bright (925) 625-5056 Payroll Specialist
Contact Megan Burgoon  Megan Burgoon (925) 625-6833 Education Services Clerk
Contact Crystal Castenada  Crystal Castenada (925) 625-6833 Director, Educational Services
Contact Kenya Curiel  Kenya Curiel (925) 625-7149 Accounting Technician
Contact Shelley DiBasilio  Shelley DiBasilio (925) 625-7146 Purchasing
Contact Rebecca Duran  Rebecca Duran (925) 625-5057 Accounts Payable
Contact Kelly Edwards  Kelly Edwards (925) 625-5050 Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Contact Wendy Fruit  Wendy Fruit 8089969 Coordinator, Extended Day Learning Center
Contact Shannon Hagmann  Shannon Hagmann (925) 625-7060 Student Services Secretary
Contact Michelle Hansen  Michelle Hansen (925) 625-7145 Accounting Supervisor
Contact Colleen Jine  Colleen Jine (925) 625-7060 Applications Analyst
Contact Tammi Lauderdale  Tammi Lauderdale (925) 625-5059 Human Resources Specialist
Contact Heather Partida  Heather Partida (925) 625-6868 Coordinator, Special Projects
Contact Mary Pereira  Mary Pereira (925) 625-6354 Payroll Clerk
Contact Cindy Peterson  Cindy Peterson Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
Contact Maria Sahagun  Maria Sahagun (925) 625-6366 Clerk to State Preschool and EDLC
Contact Renee Stewart  Renee Stewart (925) 625-5053 Director of Technology
Contact Aimee Strain  Aimee Strain (925) 625-4287 Personnel Clerk
Contact Wendy Taylor  Wendy Taylor (925) 625-7055 Director, Student Services

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