Foster Children And Youth

Oakley Union Elementary School District works closely with social workers, juvenile court officers, school personnel, and others to make decisions in the best interest of children in foster care.  We train our administrators and staff in the mandates of AB 490 regarding children in foster care.

Our schools immediately enroll foster children. To create stability, foster children should be allowed to remain in their school of origin for the duration of the school year.  Foster children are not penalized for absences due to placement changes, court appearances, or related court ordered activities.

We follow the two business day rule.  We request school records from the previous school within two business days of enrollment.  When we receive a request from another school, we forward the records of foster children within two business days.   We do not withhold sending records to another district for missing textbooks or unpaid fines.

When enrolling a foster child, please let the site know if the child receives special education services and has an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

The District has two Foster Children and Youth Liaisons.  Our liaisons work closely with Foster Family Agencies and the Contra Costa County Office of Education to support foster children and youth.

District Foster Children and Youth Liaisons are:

Maria Bordanaro
Assistant Superintendent,
Student Services
(925) 625-7060 

Heather Partida
Email Heather Partida
Coordinator Special Projects
(925) 625-6868