District Interventions

Literacy Support Program

What It Is:
The Literacy Support Team assists all elementary sites in achieving the district goal of every student becoming a proficient reader by 3rd grade.

The LST members work with K, 1st, and 2nd grades to provide explicit, systematic instruction to small groups or in a one-on-one setting, targeting specific skills.

The team members lead 6 interventions for each grade level throughout the year. They serve a maximum of 20-25 students from each grade level for each intervention.

Students are pre-tested, receive the intervention, and are post-tested by the team at the end of each session.

Who Attends:
Below Basic Students that are showing below basic acquisition of grade level literacy skills.

When Instruction Occurs:
The interventions are held 5 days a week during the hours 8:30-11:30. The team member works with groups of up to 5 students from each classroom for no more than 30 minutes per class (this includes travel time).

Intervention Topic, Approach, and Number of Days for Instruction