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Flyer Distribution

All Flyers submitted and approved will be distributed, electronically, on the First Friday of each month that school is in session.

There will be no exceptions.

Each request must be submitted to the District Office for approval.

Process for Flyer Submission:

An electronic copy of the flyer must be submitted, in PDF format, to no later than the 20th of each month with the words FLYER DISTRIBUTION REQUEST in the subject line of the email.

The body of the email must contain your name or the name of the Point of Contact (POC), the name of the organization, the address of the organization, and a contact phone number.  If these are not included in the email, your flyer will not be distributed. There will be no emailing back and forth for missing information. Only flyer requests that contain all requirements will be distributed.

If there is a problem with the flyer, you will be notified.


Flyers will be distributed to OUESD families, electronically, on the First Friday of each month in which school is in session, with the Monthly Superintendent Newsletter.

Please note: there will be no flyer distribution for June or July.