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Staff Directory
Contact Jennifer Bright  Jennifer Bright (925) 625-5056 Payroll Specialist
Contact Kenya Curiel  Kenya Curiel (925) 625-7149 Accounting Technician
Contact Shelley DiBasilio  Shelley DiBasilio (925) 625-7146 Purchasing
Contact Rebecca Duran  Rebecca Duran (925) 625-5057 Accounts Payable
Contact Michelle Hansen  Michelle Hansen (925) 625-7145 Accounting Supervisor
Contact Mary Pereira  Mary Pereira (925) 625-6354 Payroll Clerk

Business Services

School bus cartoonThe Business Support Services department of the OUESD is essentially a support provider to school sites and internal administrative departments. Business Support Services is responsible for all the business related functions of the District. These include: finance and accounting, insurance, pupil transportation, maintenance and operations, warehouse and delivery, school construction, security, and Nutrition Services (cafeteria).


Cindy Peterson
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Charlie Aubert
Director of Facilities and Construction

Cheryl Wagner, R.D.
Director of Nutrition Services

Michelle Hansen
Accounting Supervisor

Education Protection Account (EPA)

Proposition 30, The Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012, approved by the voters on November 6, 2012 temporarily increases the states sales tax rate for all taxpayers and the personal income tax rates for upper-income taxpayers.  The new revenues generated from Proposition 30 are deposited into a newly created state account called the Education Protection Accout (EPA).

EPA Funds are based on the proportionate share of the statewide revenue limit amount.  A corresponding reduction is made to the local education agency's revenue limit equal to the amount of their EPA entitlement.  The Revenue Limit is now comprised of three funding sources:  State Aid, EPA and Property Taxes.  The addition of a new funding source does not increase the amount of the revenue limit due to the District.  The state aid portion is decreased accordingly.

Economic Impact Aid (EIA) Funding

EIA Funding (SB 754)

The Economic Impact Aid (EIA) program is a state categorical program for kindergarten through grade twelve to support:

Additional English language acquisition programs, support and services for Limited English Proficient students (LEP)

State Compensatory Education (SCE) services for Educationally Disadvantaged Youth (EDY) as determined by the local school district.

Per Education Code 54029, as a condition of the receipt of EIA funds, each school district shall post in an easily accessible location on its website data related to EIA funding for purposes of budget transparency, including all of the following:

  • The amount of EIA funding allocated to the school district in that fiscal year.
  • The amount of EIA funding used by the school district for administrative costs in that fiscal year.
  • The amount of EIA funding expended for limited-English-proficient pupils in that fiscal year and the prior fiscal year by the school district and by each school within the district.
  • The amount of EIA funding expended for state compensatory education in that fiscal year and the prior fiscal year by the school district and by each school within the district.
  • The amount of unexpended EIA funding and an explanation of why these funds have not been expended.

Please contact Educational Services at (925) 625-0700 with questions.